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Not so long ago, a now-ex client told me to re-think my business as AI was going to erode the need for marketing agencies. 

I had to respectfully disagree, while acknowledging there’s no doubt that AI is disruptive, and when used properly, in a good way. But what is ‘properly’? 

For me, properly is when it’s used as a basic baseline from which to build, with actual human thought and creativity bringing the brilliance.

This morning I read an HBR article that detailed a study carried out in businesses in the States and Europe, where AI was used to give solutions to real business challenges, and the results were interesting…no, actually, average, because that’s what AI is designed to give, average responses, not creative ones. 

Using AI is fair enough if you need something to tick a box, especially if that box is mediocrity, but average isn’t us so we’ll keep going as long as we keep creating for our clients.

 No AI was used to write this post but you can tell because of the lack of emojis 😉
I’m feeling like social media world is full of frustrating contradictions just now, and one that’s really climbing the charts for me is the “Make your content unique.” vs “Hey, everyone sound the same by using trending tunes.”

If I’ve heard “This ain’t Texas” once, I’ve heard it 4685 times (that’s the equivalent of how many miles I would have to travel to actually BE in Texas!)

So, my content with this one isn’t unique but che cosa fantastica social media world is.

Do you love to hear the same trending tune every time you scroll?
Thank you so much to everyone for the brilliant feedback on our event, the messages are still coming in. Shall we do bigger and better next time? How about sessions for content planning, apps for creating content and time practicing taking video and photos?

Talk of the Town felt like a good song choice but there’s no pretending here.
I know, I know! There’s no turquoise - but still ❤️
PS Niall took the photo.
See ya all tomorrow. ❤️