At McGowan Marketing, our aim is to bring city standard services to the heart of the Scottish Borders…and beyond.

We pride ourselves on our professional, passionate, and personal approach to marketing, offering a broad range of services, so whether you’re just starting out on your journey or looking to set new goals to take you to that next milestone, we are on hand to help you make the very best of what makes you unique.



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Ice Cube, baby
Ninety-nine, baby
I'm on the grind, baby
All the time, baby
Show me something
Insane indeed.
What a delight today when we received a digital Christmas card from a client. Even more delightful was seeing they liked a creative we developed for them so much they used it to deliver their Christmas message. 🧡💙
On the last day of the penultimate month of the year, I thought it was appropriate to give an alternative perspective on MM - budgeting for next year! Serious stuff.

And what about this year? Hey! It’s not over yet!
We just come to take photos ❤️😂.