Our Corporate Social Responsibility

Our philosophy, is very much ‘do well by doing good’, so making a clear and concise commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility is important to us. As the provider of a diverse range of services, we have the ability to share both our time and knowledge with others, and work in partnership with stakeholders who can […]

Our Values

Our Values - McGowan Marketing

Our values underpin everything we do – from guiding us as we work with clients, to providing a framework as we recruit and grow our team. Family, friends, colleagues and associates all contributed to the selection of the right values for us – six words that fundamentally express what we are all about and who […]

Visual Communications

Visual Communications at McGowan Marketing

Great visual communication is effortless in getting a message across, when it’s done effectively. It can encompass everything from choosing a specific colour which becomes part of a broader brand identity, to the style of any visual element or physical branding. Think email newsletters, branded stationery, printed display banners or even a website A strong […]


Training at McGowan Marketing

If every day is a school day for your team, how do you ensure you play your part as teacher? Employee training and development programmes. Employee training and development programmes – their content, regularity, and the successful application of the lessons – not only give an indication of the forward-thinking and progressive nature of an […]

Our Team

The McGowan Marketing Team

Find out a bit more about the McGowan Marketing Team. Emily McGowan aka Lady Boss What drew you to the industry? I am going to say Lucy from Neighbours and then direct you to my blog on the subject! What professional achievement are you most proud of and why? Walking away from a ‘job for […]

Project Management

Project Management at McGowan Marketing

This is the ‘does what it says on the tin’ one. No matter which of our services you need, we can offer our clients a complete project management service. We can initiate, plan, implement, control and evaluate all of the work we do. We are firm believers in keeping things simple, flexible and agile, and […]

Public Relations

Public Relations at McGowan Marketing

Public relations is one of the core activities of marketing communications, and as such, can be ring-fenced, with a dedicated focus. But what is PR? In short, PR is the combined efforts of what you do and what you say, and how this impacts on your stakeholders in terms of what they then do and […]

Market Research

Market Research at McGowan Marketing

In business, it’s not so much a question of ‘To be or not to be?’ more likely ‘To do or not to do?’ There are so many decisions to make, and quite often there is a lot riding on making the right one! While intuition and experience play their part in business decision making, it […]

Event Management

Event Management at McGowan Marketing

Whether your event is part of your marketing communications plan, or a product in its own right, we are on hand to ensure all goes to smoothly, with a bit of McGowan Marketing magic added for extra measure. We manage a diverse range of events for our clients, including: Awards Ceremonies Companies continually seek different […]


Communications at McGowan Marketing

Communications is the aspect of marketing that most people relate to; it is the tangible element of all the work that goes into collecting insights and intelligence, the time spent on developing strategy and writing plans. This is the fundamental element of marketing, but often the most complex, as the main goal is to persuade […]