DYW Borders Celebration – Event Management

Developing the Young Workforce Borders

Background Developing the Young Workforce Borders is a Scottish Government funded programme that aims to bridge the gap between school and industry. In the Scottish Borders, DYW Borders works very closely with Scottish Borders Council and Borders College. Purpose Following the first year of the DYW Borders programme, the three partners decided to host an […]

East Ayrshire Leisure – Market Research

East Ayrshire Leisure

Background East Ayrshire Leisure is a community sport and culture charity that manages the majority of the sport and cultural venues and services in East Ayrshire. Like all charitable trusts, the funding they receive from their local authority is being cut and they need to maximise income from their chargeable products and services, fitness membership […]

Confused Communication

Cornflakes at breakfast

It was about midday on a Sunday when I heard the door of Favourite Son’s “boy cave” open. I call it “boy cave” because: He seems to have been hibernating in there for the last several months. I wouldn’t venture in there alone – at least not without survival equipment and a plan of how […]

Gala Remembers 2018 – Project Management

Gala Remembers programme

Gala Remembers 2018 was a community partnership project planned to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. Purpose To manage the marketing communications for the entire project which included co-ordinating the activities of numerous partner organisations. activities, including a published book. Method As part of the project, we managed a variety of activities, […]

Gala Remembers 2018 – Brand Development and Communications

Gala Remembers

Background Gala Remembers 2018 was a community partnership project planned to mark the 100th anniversary of the end of WWI. Purpose To create a brand identity that would work as an umbrella for the numerous partner organisations, engage with a diverse number of target stakeholders, would reflect the sombre nature of the event, and work […]

Border Safeguard – Public Relations

Border Safeguard

Background Border Safeguard, based in Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders, provide a range of security and fire detection service to customers across the region and beyond. Purpose With three generations of one family working together, and the business fast approaching its 40th anniversary, the team at Border Safeguard were keen to generate some media coverage […]

Reiver Recruitment – Bolt-on Marketing Department

Reiver Recruitment

Background Reiver Recruitment is a recruitment agency, based in Selkirk, in the Scottish Borders. Now in their 16th year, the managing director was keen to look at options for managing the marketing of the business. Purpose Although in their 16th year, Reiver Recruitment has gone through various cycles of growth and decline, with different owners […]

Beau Boutique – Brand Development

Beau Boutique branding

Background Beau Boutique is a successful beauty salon based in Clovenfords, in the Scottish Borders. The original brand had served the business well but salon owner, Alice MacKay, felt it was time for a refresh of the brand. Purpose To develop a brand that reflected Alice’s personality and ensure she was easily identified within the […]

BIDS for Galashiels – Market Research

BID for Galashiels

Background BIDS for Galashiels was a campaign that aimed to achieve a Yes vote for the creation of a Business Improvement District within the town centre of Galashiels. If successful, a Yes vote would have resulted in each business within the identified zone paying an annual levy. These funds would then be used exclusively for […]

Steely Eyed Clothing – Brand Development

Steely Eyed Clothing

Background Steely Eyed Clothing is the dream of Mountain Bike Champion Richie Scott. The idea for a clothing brand had been on his mind for a number of years, but he wasn’t able to bring his dream to reality as no-one had managed to create a brand that resonated with Richie. Purpose To create a […]