The Same Actions Deliver the Same Results

We have lived in our current home for just over 12 years, and I can still remember the day we first walked across the stone-covered driveway as we made our way to the front door to view the house for the first time.

Once inside we instantly fell in love with the potential the house presented. I say we fell in love with the potential because the house itself required a lot of work; the garden, on the other hand, was a spectacle of beautiful borders, sensational shrubberies and a picturesque pond.

For Mr McGowan and me, what should have represented a finished masterpiece was nothing more than yet another project. With two mini McGowans running about the garden wasn’t going to be practical. So, it was away with the floral borders, out came the scented shrubs and the pond was drained and filled. In their place came turf (and lots of it), a playhouse, sandpit and trampoline. Sound familiar?

Time passed quickly and this spring as I looked out over the sea of green grass, the now redundant trampoline sadly rusting away in the corner, I wondered why the garden looked so bland from one year to the next, the splendour of what had been was now a distant memory.

The answer was relatively straightforward – the garden always looked the same because we always did the same to it. The solution not so straightforward – we were going to have to do something different, and this something different would be a step into the unknown for us.


Our plan was never to return the garden to its formal floral glory but to inject some vibrancy and colour, anything to make it look different. Even so, we needed to learn a little, invest moderately and do…a lot.

We read books and blogs, we spoke to relatives (oddly enough, they were all older – sorry Mum!) and garden centre staff. We measured pH, moisture and light levels. We bought tools, paint, pots and plants – lots of plants.

We then set aside several weekends and slowly but surely changed the look and feel of our garden, including our front door. As we sat back one evening, admiring our handy work, we wondered why we hadn’t taken action sooner. We really were very proud of the difference we’d made! We realised the issue was that we had to want to see different results in our garden to make us take different action in the first place.

And my gardening song of choice? My Girl by The Temptations

If you want to achieve something different than the same ‘business as usual’ performance maybe you need to consider taking different action – new communications perhaps? If so, we can help so get in touch by completing the form below.

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