BIDS for Galashiels – Market Research

BID for Galashiels - draft business plan


BIDS for Galashiels was a campaign that aimed to achieve a Yes vote for the creation of a Business Improvement District within the town centre of Galashiels. If successful, a Yes vote would have resulted in each business within the identified zone paying an annual levy. These funds would then be used exclusively for activities aimed at improving the area.


The BIDS committee wanted to engage with voters on the draft business plan. This was to ensure the businesses felt it included everything needed to improve business within the town and would represent good value for money.


A face to face survey was carried out, with over 150 businesses given a 30-minute consultation. It was important to give time to speak with each business owner as they had numerous and, at times, complex questions with regards to the BIDs project.


All of the small businesses within Galashiels had an opportunity to give direct feedback into the BIDs project. In addition, the BIDs committee were given an indication as to whether people were likely to vote Yes or No, and if No, what could be proposed to be done differently to change their mind.


“We were delighted with the work undertaken by McGowan Marketing.”
Craig Murray, Chairman of BIDs for Galashiels

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