Bolt-on Marketing by McGowan Marketing

Marketing…it is an interesting one. You have a product or a service, you either have a gut feeling there is a market, or you are already reaching customers, to an extent, but how do you bring the two together to achieve real business growth and ultimately success?

The definition of marketing provided by the Chartered Institute of Marketing is:

“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.”

So, it’s clearly a pretty essential business function, but all too often organisations don’t have the resources to have a dedicated department, or even person, to manage the marketing. Admin. Operations and even HR – anyone who has a capacity gets left with the pleasure of ‘doing the marketing.’

This approach is a little like asking a maths teacher to do your annual accounts – they know numbers, but that doesn’t make them an accountant. Your staff know your business, but that doesn’t make them a marketer. Still, adding a member to your staffing establishment isn’t always a viable option – so what is?

Tailored to suit companies who are seeking expansion and/or diversification; those who need marketing to achieve this, but are not yet in a position to appoint marketing personnel. The bolt-on marketing department is a cost-effective option can provide your company with expertise and experience without commitment to your staffing establishment.

Already have marketing resource? Maybe you need some extra support for a big project or want to free up personnel to focus on efforts elsewhere? The bolt-on option gives flexibility to bring in a professional Chartered Marketer as and when required.

Whatever your need, we work with your team virtually or, in some instances, in your office, and white label the service as your marketing department.

Examples of Our Work

Take a look at our most recent bolt-on marketing department case studies: