DYW Borders

The curation and creation of social media content for one of Scotland’s DYW groups. Attracting engagement and increasing reach with a broad range of audience groups, covering the group’s many projects, programmes and initiatives daily. The social media management includes: 

    • Developing a content strategy aligned with DYW Borders’ mission and target audience
    • Creating compelling and informative posts
    • Curating relevant content from external sources to supplement original posts
    • Monitoring and responding to comments, messages, and mentions across social media platforms
    • Building relationships with followers, partners, and influencers to enhance DYW’s online presence
    • Identifying relevant industry trends and incorporating them into DYW Borders’ social media strategy
    • Monitoring competitor activities to ensure DYW Borders remains competitive in the digital space
    • Collaborating with the internal team to align social media efforts with broader organisational goals
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