Earlston High School

On behalf of the Scottish Borders Council, we created a promotional film for one of the region’s secondary schools, Earlston High School, to recruit new staff, specifically senior leadership positions.  The project included: 

  • Working with a named point of contact from the school to establish the video objectives and ascertain the platforms used to share the content
  • Carrying out a site visit, identifying the best internal and external locations within the school for the shoot, and considering aesthetics, lighting, noise levels etc., before making the final location choices
  • Involving and recruiting a group of school pupils to assist with the filmmaking, including writing job descriptions, giving a talk on careers in marketing and working closely with the pupils throughout the entire process
  • Creating a creative idea and developing a storyboard 
  • Creating interview guides for the members of staff and pupils being interviewed for the film
  • Providing the school team with a thorough schedule for the shoot, with locations, people, props and timings
  • Filming interviews, b-roll, drone footage and Go-Pro footage 
  • Editing the film, including adding graphics, music, subtitles etc., as required


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