Unique Cottages

The creation of twelve webpage designs showcasing each of the estates that Unique Cottages work with. Each mockup highlighted the unique features of the respective estates while maintaining a cohesive tone of voice and visual identity aligned with Unique Cottage’s brand. The project included:

  • Analysis of Unique Cottage’s tone of voice and visual identity to ensure consistency 
  • Primary research, i.e. contacting each of the estates and asking a series of questions concerning the selling points of their estate 
  • Secondary research, i.e. online research looking at the activities/tourist attractions in the estates’ surrounding areas
  • Sourcing and collation of imagery and videography 
  • Writing of web copy for each mockup 
  • Designing and providing twelve webpage mockups that the Unique Cottages team could integrate into their website
  • Supplying the company’s web developers with each design, copy and imagery for easy integration into the website
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