A Blog 30 Years in the Writing

BA Marketing Management 1994-1998

In September 1994, when I was 18 years old, I started my undergraduate degree at Napier University in Edinburgh – in a case of ‘stating the obvious’, that was thirty years ago. I am now 48 years old. As a fresh-faced, straight-outta-school student, I recall being somewhat surprised to learn that my cohort included students […]

Social media is a communications tool, not the business sales function

As the week ends, I wanted to reflect on our first event, Social Media for Business, held on Wednesday. The event was a huge success, with over 80 participants from all over Scotland, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with those who came to learn and develop telling us that they gained a lot from […]

Fate or Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

In 1986, when I was ten years old, I had a Saturday job washing the dishes at a small coffee shop located in my beautiful hometown of Melrose, in the Scottish Borders. Even though the work was monotonous, essentially tying me to a kitchen sink for 8 hours each week when all my friends were […]

Battle of the Brands

Having decided to mark our seventeenth wedding anniversary this year, Mr McGowan and I took a trip down memory lane and returned to the place where we spent our honeymoon, Cannes. The resort, on the French Riviera, hasn’t changed much since we went, but for some reason, the diversity of the town’s ‘high-street’ offering struck me more this […]

Confused Communication

It was about midday on a Sunday when I heard the door of Favourite Son’s “boy cave” open. I call it “boy cave” because: He seems to have been hibernating in there for the last several months. I wouldn’t venture in there alone – at least not without survival equipment and a plan of how […]

Jeezy-wheezy Yeezys.

“They cost how much?!” Words that would be echoed in many households on the run-up to Christmas, especially those homes with teenagers. While I waited for the response from Favourite Son, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d lost Christmas. I appreciate this sounds dramatic, but I did feel like the protagonist in a Disney […]

It’s a Family Affair

3 minute read. Of all of the social networks out there (and, according to Wikipedia, there are 204 active, non-dating networks), LinkedIn is my channel of choice. Don’t get me wrong – I want to be as uber-chic as Insta Queen @Inthefrow, but I fell at the first hurdle as I only just found out […]

A Persistent Passion for the Profession

Lucy Robinson (mark 3, Melissa Bell) from Neighbours was the answer. Nothing odd about this I suppose until you know the question. ‘Who inspired me to choose marketing as a career?’ Favourite daughter asked the question recently, an event which in itself was as unexpected as the response. While I wanted to say my awakening […]

A Change is as Good as a Holiday

My favourite daughter recently informed me that we would not be going on any more family holidays. Let me clarify a couple of points here: Firstly, I have not committed the ultimate in parental sins by admitting favouritism of one daughter over another – I only have one; secondly, when she said no more family […]

TRNSMT Target Market

Music festivals. What usually comes to mind, to those of us over the age of 40 at least, are dirty toilets, awful camping and laddish (or ladette) type behaviour – tut, tut. Mainstream media coverage of music festivals condition the images that come to mind, especially the biggies like Glastonbury and T in the Park […]