The Commitment​ to Achieving Goals

Goals – we all have them whether we realise it or not. The ultra organised amongst us will write them down, along with a plan on how to achieve them and by when. Others have a vague notion of something they want to do at some point in time and hope they get there, somehow.

Where would I be on this scale? Secretly (or maybe not so secretly) I always consider myself more of the former than the latter but decided to set myself a personal challenge as a test.

My goal was to take part in a triathlon. I don’t mean a Brownlee Brothers distance triathlon that requires Olympic standard athletic prowess but a Come and Tri event which includes a 400m swim, a 10km cycle and a 2.5km run. Maybe not too much of a challenge but at my fitness level, with my sporting ability (or the lack of it), I had to start small!

Being realistic with my goal setting meant I knew I wasn’t ‘in it to win it’, so my focus was to finish the race, and my stretch target was to cross the line in under one hour.

I can swim, cycle, and run (although I don’t excel in any of the three) but how about doing one after the other and in a race situation? Whatever my experience, it wasn’t going to be enough to get me over the line. I was going to have to speak to the experts and train.

I enlisted the help of a swimming teacher, a running coach and a cycling guru. Between them, they showed me how to improve my breathing in the swimming pool, how to change gears more effectively on the bike and how to use my arms to make my legs go faster when running. The last of these requires me to think I am holding two ice cream cones when running!

Race day dictated my time-scale, and the training plan had to accommodate this, all three disciplines and family life but I made the commitment and felt ready when the big day came round.

Cue power song – Katy Perry’s Roar

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