Event Management

Event Management by McGowan MarketingWhether your event is part of your marketing communications plan, or a product in its own right, we are on hand to ensure all goes to smoothly, with a bit of McGowan Marketing magic added for extra measure.

We manage a diverse range of events for our clients, including:

Awards Ceremonies

Companies continually seek different ways to mark the success and achievement of their staff. Celebrate and inspire your team with your own awards ceremony.

And what about celebrating the success of peers? Celebrate business, sporting, educational or industry excellence – whatever the sector, awards ceremonies never fail to instil pride, and a sense of healthy competition from all.


Get together to energise your team and engage then once more in your company’s vision.

Not only reserved for the ‘big brands,’ company conferences have long been considered a key tool for the internal marketing of a company’s vision, mission, values and goals, to all staff. A time to come together to share best practice, discuss market trends, and be inspired to get back out there and make a difference.

Product Launches

Whether it’s the mainstay activity for the marketer, or the starter for the small business owner – your product launch needs to be a big: “We’ve arrived” shout out to your customers.

Product launches are more than just a PR stunt, they represent the hard work, energy and effort your company has put into the development of something new; they represent your on-going business growth. Your product launch has to reflect all of this and more – it is your time to shine.

Brand Awareness Events

Give your marketing communications a boost with a brand awareness event, hold it offline and stream it online for the double hit.

It’s all about the brand for companies today – make it stand out, making it mean something and making it the ‘must-have, must-do’ for customers. Companies need to be innovative, dynamic and go all out to achieve brand status. Lucky enough being innovative, dynamic and going all out to achieve results is precisely what we do for our clients’ brand awareness events.

Team Building Days and Stays

There’s not an I in team, but there is a ‘You’ in success.

Business success is all about the people and the ability to work effectively as a team. Our Team Days and Stays are developed with input from you to ensure they align with your business goals. Your objectives are never far from our thinking; they drive every activity and session. Your team will leave us feeling closer, with stronger relationships and a commitment to achieve a common goal.

Bespoke Corporate Entertainment

Corporate entertainment that’s just not…corporate.

The corporate world doesn’t need to be safe and stereo-typically grey, and corporate events even less so. Why not let us plan and deliver a bespoke corporate event that speaks more about your organisation than a PowerPoint presentation ever could?

Examples of Our Work

Take a look at our most recent events management case studies: