Public Relations

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Public relations is one of the core activities of marketing communications, and as such, can be ring-fenced, with a dedicated focus.

But what is PR? In short, PR is the combined efforts of what you do and what you say, and how this impacts on your stakeholders in terms of what they then do and say about you! It is your reputation, and this can be a source of competitive advantage in today’s business landscape, where being different can be a challenge.

We offer our clients a broad range of PR related services including:

Media Relations

We work with local, national and trade media to generate exposure for your organisation, over a variety of platforms.

Social Media

Content planning and management. Any non-paid for content on your social media channels is essentially PR – it’s about story telling that gives engagement and reputation building.


The subtle art of storytelling, often with a limited about of words, is an artform, but one that yields results for businesses. We carefully craft your story to build and maintain your reputation.

Sponsorship Development

It can seem as if not a day goes by without a request for sponsorship landing on your desk or in your inbox. Each appeal is carefully worded to tug at your heart strings, so it can be difficult to make the right choice in terms of ‘fit’ with your business brand and objectives. We can take the emotion out of the process and objectively work to create sponsorship deals that deliver impact.


We manage a diverse range of events, many of which have a PR focus. See our Events Management page for full details.

Crisis Management

It can happen, from time to time, things just don’t go to plan, or a situation arises that requires very sensitive management. How you communicate with your audience at these times can be the deciding factor in how well your organisation performs thereafter. Speed and sensitivity are key – and we deliver both.

Examples of Our Work

Take a look at our most recent PR case studies: